Friday, February 26, 2010

A Shot in the...Foot?

I have been struggling with my health lately. I mentioned it in a post a week ago, and I have continued to be in a less than optimal energetic space. I wasn't so bad that I needed to stay in bed, but life has been harder and more likely to feel overwhelming. One way I know I have been feeling badly is that my personal space is less neat/organized/clean. I looked at the dining room yesterday and thought, "what a mess." Then I realized that it was all my stuff, and all things that I had left there or put there because it just seemed a little too hard to deal with them in the moment, and I figured I would just come back and deal with them later. Well, they accumulated. 

Another way I know I have been down is that something I meant to do a week and half ago didn't get done. I was supposed to reconnect with an old friend, go have lunch or coffee or something, and I said I would call her as soon as I got my head clear for scheduling. Well, I realized today that I meant to call her 10 days ago. I went ahead and did it, but I felt a little embarrassed that I had dropped that ball when it was important to me. 

Two days ago I felt pretty badly. I had a generalized anxiety that just sought out things to fret over: money, health, housing, relationships, the plot line of the sci-fi book I was reading. I knew that none of my fretting was proportional to the problems at hand, but I was having trouble breaking the loop in my head. One part of that loop has been a few steps for supporting my physical health that I need to act on, and so I decided to just suck it up and make one of the phone calls I needed to make, even though I would have to sound human and normal on the phone. I did, the woman I called was enthusiastic and willing to support me in the way I was asking for, and in the end I drove over to her house to pick up the ionic foot bath array she agreed to loan me.

It isn't something that had worked out well for her, largely because she had never really figured out how to use it. I looked up the directions online, lined a small tub with a plastic bag, plugged everything up, added sea salt to warm water, and stuck my feet in. It was awesome! It tingled and I felt a little disappointed that there were no bubbles or anything like a foot spa has, but my mood was instantly elevated. I felt this wave of calm euphoria and delight sweep up my body, and I have been high on it for a couple days now. 

I enjoyed it so much that afterward I called various friends and family to tell them I had just put my feet in electricity water on purpose, or had run electricity through my feet on purpose, and now I felt great. I spent 30 min in the ionic bath and the water did turn nice dramatic dark shades. A good part of that is the natural chemical reaction that happens when running that electric current through water and it reacts with the minerals in the water and sea salt and oils, etc. in the skin, but some of it is also some kind of detox effect. 

Honestly, I did it for the detox, but the benefit has been for my emotional well-being and energy level. Part of the quack science (I use that term with loving affection) of the whole thing is that walking along a beach gives the body a whole bunch of ions, mostly through the feet, which are good for certain reasons. The ionic bath is like a walk on the beach, only more intense. Sure. I also get a sense of profound calm and well-being at the beach, talking with Mama Ocean, so yeah, whatever. 

Honestly, I am not too concerned with the science of it. The positive effect of the ionic bath has been dramatic and wonderful for me. Next, I will do it again the same way (warm tap water from the tub, same amount of the same salt), and see if the color of the water afterward is about the same or different. Different would imply a difference in the human factor, namely me and my detoxing (or at least different trace amounts of stuff on my feet). I think I will also try it with heated filtered water (even though that is more of a pain since I have to heat it on the stove), so that I can see if and how that changes things. My plan is to continue these for a few weeks, especially if there are tangible lessenings in the nastiness of the water. 

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