Friday, February 5, 2010

Aiming the Fire Hose

I've been working on my energy healing practice this week. I do some financial organization and consulting for a friend of mine who is a massage therapist, and she has started going to Chinese medicine school one week a month. She wanted someone to rent her office for that vacant week, but also wanted to make sure that whoever came in was of the same caliber healer as she is. No one really took her up on her offer, so I suggested the crazy idea of me going in instead. I told her I would have to pay her a percentage until I could build a practice, but she really believes in the healing work I do and was excited to do it. 

It has taken us a few months to get everything together, and so this week has been the first GO week. I was a little nervous about working out of her office at a professional level (where do I have people do what, where do I find everything I need, etc.), and so wanted to get some longstanding occasional clients in so that I could practice working in that space. I have a pool of friends who have all come to see me at some point or another over the last five years, so I sent out an email. 

I offered a "help me with my energy work" special of Slide your own Scale, $20-75. I think that the $20 is really too low to be sustainable (I will probably keep offering a friends and family slide of $40-75), but I also know that many of my friends really do not have a whole lot of cash flow. It is one of the main reasons I have not been able to successfully build a practice thus far: the people who come to me can't afford to pay me what I need to make it sustainable for me. So I chose to go low for this practice week. 

My week hath exploded. As of tonight, the 3rd night of my 6 days in the office, I have 15 sessions firmly scheduled over the week and one pending. I had a decently long day today and it will be much longer tomorrow. I am tired. Doing energy work is like holding a fire hose: the water is not mine (I pull energy from Source), but it takes a lot to direct and aim the flow. 

It is good, though. This is a phenomenal start to what could become a sustainable income flow. Once I am well-rested, I will do my visioning work to see what comes next.

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