Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Describing Energy Work

I have trouble describing my energy work. More specifically, I have trouble describing it without sounding like I practice quackery. Trying to describe the energetic dynamics, what moves what, how, and why, is jabberwoky-ish because it comes from Dreamscape: the land of symbols, imagination, and thought.

We all have an energetic field around our bodies; we are electro-magnetic beings, among other things. This field is called an aura, an energy body, and auric field, etc. I can use my energy body to move other people's energy bodies in helpful and effective ways. To make other people feel like I am doing something and to keep my feet from getting tired of standing still, I move around and wave my hands as if they are directing the energy, though really I can just stand there and do just as much (with energetic body parts that are much more deft than my hands, but going into that detail really gets into the quackery). 

What I am seeing/sensing is quite different from what is happening in 5 senses-world. I sense colors, textures, imbalances, unhealth, health, the chakra system (which is like the organs of the energy body), other beings present in the room, the fabric-like textures of probabilities and possibilities of life-paths, images of metaphors to explain any and all kinds of on-going dynamics and processes, how to help, move, redirect, rebalance, adjust and attune all of this, and more.  

Basically, because energy follows thought and the energetic world is part of what I call Dreamscape, if I can imagine looking for it, I can find it, and if I can imagine a question about it, I can find an answer, and all of it comes through in exquisite detail. 

Afterward, I talk with clients about what information has come through. I do not/ cannot go against their will, and so moving energetic realities that they chose to put in place is not something I can do, but something for them to do. For example, if someone felt really unsafe, they may have put leaden shields around themselves to deaden all energy that comes their way. I cannot remove the lead. I can attempt to transform it, put the energetic forms of that transformation in place, and then explain all the imagery and why one way serves the client better than other and how to perform the transformation themselves, being careful to include that it is THEIR CHOICE. Pagans are quite receptive to it. Others, I have to go slower and start with the energetic basics of Ground, Center, Shield. But everyone starts where they start, whatever. 

It is really something experienced better than described, and the more specific someone is about what they would like help and support for, the more effective I am. I can do general tune-ups, but specificity adds a lot. 

I need to be able to blurb it in order to sell it, and in order for the massage therapist friend who is supporting me so generously to describe it to her clients, but I am still at a loss. Because so much happens in the Dreamscape, it comes across as rather nonsensical in 5-senses World. (Literally.)

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