Monday, February 8, 2010

I Couldn't Make It Up If I Wanted To

I often worry about my energy work. So much information comes through, images, stories, details of how energy is moving in each chakra and what would improve the situation, etc. Every session is different, and yet I have also noticed that certain themes will run through a day's worth of sessions where an insight that applied to one person applies to another in a slightly different way. I worry that part of me is just making it up, that it doesn't really help, that I will tell a client what I have sensed and they will tell me I am just flat out wrong and it was a terrible experience. 

I have evidence and testimonials to the contrary, but that doesn't really mitigate the nervousness that comes with each new client as I try to explain what happens, how, why, what to expect, etc. Describing what I do on the energetic level sounds like pure quackery even to my own ears, and yet it is incredibly powerful and accurate. I have been able to do some very deep, necessary, difficult work with certain clients and have witnessed how their health and lives have changed because of it. And yet, the concern remains. 

Since I saw so many clients last week and really am putting some energy into a regular energy healing practice, I decided to get professional and start making session notes so that I can review where we were last time for when they come back. After writing about 10 sets of notes, I was somewhat reassured. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. I have to be a little careful/tactful about how I present the insights that come through, but everyone has nodded in (sometimes surprised) agreement. Everything makes sense in and of itself and is accurate to context and appropriate for the individual's ability to process the input. I couldn't do that on my own, just out of my own head and imagination. 

I really and truly could not make this stuff up. That's reassuring, but also rather weird. I have to be somewhat careful not to look at this with my mundane senses, or to think about it the way my Dad would think about it. It only makes sense in the Dreamworld/Shamanic Realm/Energetic Plane/New Age/Whatever. And yet, really, it is only in that Dreamworld et. al. that anything truly makes sense anyway.

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