Friday, February 12, 2010


I have begun using the term Mytho-Reality, and I am enjoying working with it. Mytho-Reality is the intersection of what we know to be true with what we believe to be true. It is what we create when we look at known facts and string them together into a story. We create mytho-realities all the time. They provide the foundations of our paradigms and tell the story of why the world is the way it is and why we have the place and function in the world that we do. We constantly build on and add to our mytho-realities, incorporating new facts/situations into old stories as confirmations. Occasionally we encounter a new situation that has a fact that does not fit into any of our established story-lines, and so we have to choose whether to ignore it or alter the mytho-reality. 

And really, that is the beauty of mytho-realities. They can be CHANGED. They are stories, and stories are alive, constantly shifting and changing. We can Change Our Story and so make profound changes in our lives. Often we do not want to change our stories, we like them the way they are, thank you very much, but there are times in everyone's life when our stories no longer serve us, they become inadequate, we reach a crisis point, etc. and changing suddenly becomes less painful than staying where we are now.

This is the level that I work on. This is the level that I see most clearly in Reality. I see Mytho-Reality much more accurately than I see 5-senses World, honestly. It is why I am Pagan Clergy. It is why I am an energy healer. It is why I am a writer,and a philosopher, and why I create so much of what I create. I can identify problems in mytho-reality, and I can offer some plot changes to help fix them. Often, all that people need is to have their mytho-reality mirrored back to them so that they can see it clearly and make their own choices about how to change it, and that is how I clergy. In my healing work, I am more specific and offer edits or encourage energetic processes that will self-generate edits.     

It is good. I am good at what I do. I am more comfortable in the Dreamscape, in the Shamanic Realm, than I am in 5-senses World. The challenge, then, is how to marry the two, and I am still writing that story as I become stronger in both. 

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