Friday, February 19, 2010

All About the Body Today

I am running hot, energetically. Part of that is some of the amazingly effective body work I have received in the last couple of weeks, which has cleared out energetic pathways, meridians, and most importantly to this moment, my lymphs. 

I got off the massage table yesterday feeling like I just needed to keep moving. I puttered around for five or six hours, until finally my back seized up and I had to lay down, I had no other choice. I have been in a quandary all day today, where part of me really wants to move, to do, to not be still, and the other part of me wants to hunker down in bed with a flat spine and stay there. 

It is the tension of lymph vs. musculature. My lymphs are cleansing and so need green food and movement. My spinal musculature is adjusting/shifting and so needs stillness with gentle stretches. I have done some for each and tried to balance myself, but really I end up doing one thing until the other protests loudly enough to switch me over to taking care of it. 

I did have an energy session yesterday, and that got interesting. I was running so hot it was like flood levels, most of it from Source, and my client was in a very deep, cool, quiet space so it took me a few moments to even find where his energy was. It was a good session, but again I felt great for being on my feet and useful, and then I had to go take a several hour nap. 

I have a push-me-pull-you body. I will take another "space for physical healing" day today and then hope that I can head to the drum circle with enough energy to dance tomorrow.

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