Friday, April 2, 2010

My Dreams Are Not Special, But No Less Relevant For It

I find it interesting how so many pagans I know really want to be in the center of the social whirl. We want OUR house, our property, to be the place where everyone comes to celebrate, to feast, to gather and commune. 

My theory is that we are all so earthy-ish that we nest/burrow/den up and want others to come appreciate the wonderful habitat we have created. I think also we often don't want to go jaunting off through "mundane" space to get to each other; it would be so much easier if they came here. 

It is humbling to know that my dreams are not special, not unique, not iridescent butterflies effervescing on the hurricane breeze. And yet, it also speaks to a deep longing for more community, more connection, and known safe spaces to do it in. Also, it speaks of desiring ease. It can be hard for pagans to live in the 5-senses or mundane world, to pass as being of "acceptable" religion in a society dominated by Christians (especially in the South), to not speak of the things we Know, to not acknowledge the meta-stories of myth, story, ritual, intention, energy, and/or soul purpose that so greatly inform our lives. 

Most pagans I know are doing okay. We are finding our way along and that is good. But I also think that being pagan and not feeling safe to be completely open about it is stressful, and that speaks to our deep need to have and provide safe and easy space to be ourselves.    

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