Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Curiosity Seekers/Well-Wishers Begin to Gather

We are now less than 3 weeks away from the wedding, and the curiosity seekers and well wishers are starting to gather. My partner and I were recently asked, "Are you excited?" and without any context, we looked at each other in confusion. "Excited about what?" "The wedding." "Oh, yeah, um, sure...." People want to know details, but there really aren't that many involved, so it seems like they still walk away unsatisfied. 

I have noticed in particular that my partner's mother seems to feel that she is out of the loop. She missed our wedding planning party because she was out of town, and now seems to think that she is missing something. She listened avidly as I described a few things (venue, ritual basics, clergy) to someone else at lunch. I tried to make a special effort to get her filled in later that night, but she got distracted. 

Really, the details are as follows: This is a no-budget wedding. We are both wearing silk wrap skirts with vegetation crowns. There will be no rings. We are getting married at a picnic shelter at the park, next to the river. Reception is pot-luck, we are asking for money for gifts and there will be a basket for such cards at the reception, my dark moon circle is clergy for the ritual. The ritual will be held in circle so that the sacred space is created by the surrounding presence of our friends and family. Fundie family members have been warned to expect paganness and politely invited to just attend the reception. 

We have also delegated as much as we can. There are people (mostly family) who are in charge of: paper goods, colorful and cheap decor, flowers and crowns to be made of mostly wild/found plants, official pictures, informal pictures, ipod play list for music, and my sister the chef is making the wedding cake.

That's really about it. I want one more item for my outfit, the ritual planning is this week, and I think that's about it. Mostly, I don't think about the wedding so much as how much we are going to enjoy our lives together. And that brings a huge smile to my spirit. 

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