Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Delicate Possibilities and Connections

There is a woman who is a client and friend of a client and friend, who is now my own client and friend thanks to the referral of our mutual friend, and in meeting with her a few months ago, she mentioned that she knew several older women interested in establishing community on land in order to be more sustainable and to make provision for their old(er) age. I was hard pressed to not be too excited and asked her to pass along my definite interest to these women. 

Many emails, two cases of food poisoning and some brain-eating life later, I got to go out to meet one of these older women, see her current property and talk life goals, sustainability, and community. Really, we spent a very enjoyable two hours agreeing with each other in a "yes, exactly, and I also think this," kind of way. She took me on a golf-cart tour of her garden and around the property, blithely reassuring me that we would be fine even as she told me of how she had wrecked that very same golf cart on this very same steep graveled hill and I hung on tightly and tried not to crush the large dog who was equally crushing my feet. 

A few years ago she had a nearby property with a lot of water and specifically running water, and now she really regrets letting it go and hates where she is now. She knows she could put in some solar and a well and work on going off grid, but she misses her old place more than she is motivated to make her new place work. In thinking about properties, I told her I thought an old summer camp would really make the best community starter property, especially since it would probably already have some kind of sleeping shelters and some kind of great hall/lodge on property. 

Her eyes lit up and she told me about just such a place just a few miles down the road that has all kinds of running water like she would like to live near, and if she were more recovered from the food poisoning she would run me down there, but I can find it on my own, I won't get lost, will I, and then I can just take a left onto this road and that will run me back into town. I left to the cacophony of very large wind chimes and headed down the road to the substantial gated bridge she had described. I stood there and watched a yellow butterfly flit by me, and I stared at the gravel road that went up and around a bend in front of me, beyond the gate and over the bridge. 

I took pictures. I sent one to my friend who is a psychic and also very committed to building sacred community to ask if this could be it. I have now looked up who owns it, how big it is, and even scoured the satellite photos online. I feel...cautiously optimistic. This could be really good. 

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