Monday, May 10, 2010

A Wedding Day Nashville Will Remember

I have a friend who is also getting married this year (October), and we have been bonding over our shared wedding stress. Her wedding is a much bigger affair than we had planned, with a rather private ceremony somewhere between Nashville and East Tennessee, and then a reception in her hometown in East TN and a reception in Nashville. We both began our planning as of the new year, though I had 4 months and she had 10 months until the big day. 

I shared my story of the wedding festivities ultimately being canceled ("imagine if your mom called you at 9 am on your wedding day to say you were going to have to call the whole thing off") and vented about how frustrated and overwhelmed I felt over a reschedule. In turn, she confessed to being envious that I had my Ordeal over with, and then later went on to say that really, she would feel quite relieved to be in my place. She added a story of family drama involving Irish hot-headedness around who played what music at the wedding.

I find all this interesting. First of all, why is she having such an involved wedding if it doesn't feel good to her? And secondly, it changes some of my feelings about the "tragedy" of the whole thing. I am quite happy that we are married now. Very happy, with the honeymooner's endorphins to prove it. I think I must have regained some of my innate optimism and hopefulness in the last week

Enough so that I went to talk to the lady in charge of the picnic shelter reservations today. She is happy to refund our money since we were so obviously flooded out, but also rescheduled us for June. She said that if it was still stinky from the flooding and stranded fish and we didn't want the reschedule after all, she was happy to just refund everything, let her know. And then my partner and I went to Scarlett Begonia, our favorite little fair trade import boutique in town, and they recognized us and asked if we'd had the wedding yet, and we said it had been flooded out, and they were so sorry. 

I told them all that I've just chosen to think of it this way: Nashville will never forget our wedding day.  

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