Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tasty Noshing Makes Wedding Planning Easier

The Wedding Planning Party/Meeting went well. I admit we were nervous and spent a good bit of time cleaning the house and worrying a bit about dealing with that much family all at the same time, but in the end it was not too painful. Many many thanks to my sister the chef who brought a spread that still has me muttering in stunned awe. I had asked if she would provide a little something to nosh on, and she came through with multiple dishes that ranged from French to Vietnamese to Brazilian. And all with a one year old and a two year old rampaging through the house.

After we had all eaten, I got out my notebook and everyone looked to me to get us started. I had a hard moment there where I had to say, um, well, I don't know where to start, we are stuck. My main Priestess and my sister were right on top of things and jumped right in, confirming 1. We have a date, 2. We have a venue, 3. Do we have a time? and it all flowed from there. 

Turned out that there is less that we were missing than I was afraid of. Really, I think we just needed permission to do it the way we wanted to, and needed those more experienced to check our work, so to speak. We are doing this on a shoestring and as easily as possible, but it is hard to ignore the questions that run along the lines of, "What do you want for your flowers? Well, of course you will want flowers here, there, and everywhere, and in all of these places, and given to all of these people, and well, what do you want?" That is usually the point where I get stuck, since I can't imagine having that many flowers (or a cake like that, or music like this, etc.), but suddenly feel like what I want is probably the wrong answer, and maybe my partner wants that and I need to check in, and wow, what do I do now? 

But now we seem to be on the right track. We will probably be making an invitation video to go out with our email, and send along a link to a place where people can give us start-up money in lieu of presents, and it will be good. 

Oh, and the biggest news of all is that the parents agreed that the best way to handle the paganness of our wedding is the way we were planning to do it. We will be open and up front about it, include the fact that there will be some participation involved, and that if anyone feels uncomfortable participating in a pagan ritual, we would still love it if they came to the reception. That relieves a lot of my worry; I have been quite concerned that I might get beat over the head by some of my Christian aunts and uncles.

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