Thursday, March 11, 2010

Asking for Help with the Wedding

My partner and I have had the goal of getting our wedding invitations out as of mid-March, to give guests 6 weeks notice, and that is after we sent out a "Save the Date" at the beginning of the year. That means that we should be finalizing all our plans, figuring out what we are going to ask for in the way of presents, who to invite, how safe it is to invite which members of the family to the pagan ceremony, how to broach the pagan ritual part, etc. 

And we realized this week that we have no clue what we are doing. Neither of us has ever planned a wedding before. There is a core of a few things that we definitely want, but there are many other things that have to happen that we really don't have an opinion on. We are feeling intimidated and therefore stuck on the whole process. Not good. 

We decided a couple of days ago that it was therefore time to ask for help. We are both quite independent, and I especially am bad about saying, "Oh, no, I know what I'm doing, this will be easy," and then getting a little ways further down the road of my project, looking around, realizing I have no idea what I am doing, but feeling too proud to go back and say, "Sorry, I was wrong, I really do need help."

Well, we need help. I have now made the emergency phone calls to both sets of parents, my sister, and the friends who will be Priestessing. They have all agreed to try to come on Sunday for an afternoon Wedding Planning Party, and my sister is even going to knock up a bit of food for us to nosh on. I had thought initially that we should make food, but then Dad told me I should ask my sister the chef, and she was rather enthusiastic about saying yes. 

I feel much relieved. Hopefully it will all be easy and quick. Here's hoping. 

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anastasia said...

Josh and I are in a similar boat, but we have some more time. Mostly, we're just using the tactic of not doing anything we don't have an immediate plan for. Possibility of uncomfortableness regarding a pagan ritual? Well, we'll just not have a ritual, then! etc.

Hope you get all your stuff figured out...