Monday, January 4, 2010

(Rough) Time Bank Talking Points

Time Bank Talking Points

1. People list the skills and experience they can offer and what they need.
2. Everyone's skills are valued equally: one hour always equals one time credit
3. Everyone agrees to both give and receive, to earn and spend time credits
4. A record is kept of all time credits spent and earned, ideally on open source software on an accessible website
5. Everyone is encouraged to spend their time credits to allow others the chance to earn and to keep flow in the system.

Wealth in the Community:
I have had several discussions about wealth and prosperity in our local pagan community. I have talked with clergy and leaders about issues around being paid, why it is unacceptable to many, and the problems that can create. I have talked with pagan artists who travel the festival circuit who assure me that Southern pagans are the poorest pagans in the country. And I have noticed that the pagans around me tend to be poorer than the Christians around me.

There are many pagans in this community that I do not know. I feel like we are a fractured community, divided geographically, ideologically, and interpersonally, and that it is easy to focus on our differences if there is no easy commonality to work from. I hope that a Time Bank can create a common sense of community, healthier interpersonal relationships, and most importantly, help build wealth for all of us.

Definition of a Time Bank: Exchanging hours of labor, Non-taxable, All hours valued equally, Values traditionally un- or under-valued work

Benefits of a Time Bank: Builds wealth in the community (Money as water metaphor), Builds connections in the community

Logistics of a running Time Bank: Need a software to run it (researching for open source software), Need an administrator to a lesser degree (I volunteer), May need a few cash dollars for website fees, etc. (Dues?)

Set up of Time Bank: Founding Committee (to decide things like: Name?, Dues for cash purposes?, Owed/Acquired limits, References required for child care, etc., Crafts policy (time plus cash for materials?), Transportation policy (gas money paid by whom?), Donations of hours voluntary? Required?, How pay administrator, etc.), Acquire software and set up website, Recruit and sign people up

Your Input: Initial reaction?, Concerns? Questions?, Level of interest (No thanks, Maybe, Sign me up, I’ll be on the committee)

Yes, many of us are already involved in exchanging know-how and energy with others in our immediate circles. Think about how much that may have helped you. A friend loaning a truck to help move, someone who can help repair a roof, the joy of playing with someone else’s kids while they take the night off. Think about how much richer our lives will be if we expand those circles of people to include more time, more energy, and more skills.

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