Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pre-Time Bank Jitters

Well, it's time to get moving on the Time Bank. I have some talking points worked out, have refreshed myself on the research, and now I just need to start scheduling time to talk with various people about the project. I figure I will start with the people I know best so that I have more leeway in my presentation (not that I'll be terribly formal, honestly), and then go from there. My plan is to ask for more contacts from each person I talk with, so as to widen the number of people I contact and get feedback from.

So I just need to pick up the phone and start calling. Yep, that easy.

And yet, I am hesitant. I am worried about what I have not thought of, what I may have failed to take into consideration. What have I missed? Is there some flaw, some piece of information that I have not seen or am missing that would explain why there isn't something like this already? I have no way of knowing that. The reasonable action plan is to just get started. If there is something that makes this a bad or unsustainable idea, it will come out in the conversations. That's why the groundwork is there in the first place.

I'm still worried. Perhaps instead of picking up the phone now, I should wait until Full Moon and make an announcement or talk to people in person to get things set up. Or maybe I should quit waiting all the time and just do it.

The benefits of a Time Bank are fabulous, I love what it could do for us as a community. I love the fact that it builds wealth, and does it in a way that we are already doing informally. It just takes our natural inclinations and systematizes them, making them more accessible and ramping up the wealth-building effects.

Perhaps I am just having pre-commitment jitters. I think I will go talk with G first. She and I have had several conversations about money and the local pagan community, and she is quite a long-standing leader here. That way, if I'm just way off base, she can go ahead and shoot me down without me doing a lot of legwork with people who like me enough to agree with me. That sounds like a good plan.

Whew! Feeling less nervous now. She will tell it to me straight.

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