Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New focus

I have deleted my previous posts (which no one ever read anyway) and am repurposing this blog to something hopefully a bit more sustainable. This will now be an account of what I am working on and how it is moving along, any issues I have stumbled into, thoughts and reflections on it, etc.

I am a busy, busy person with several projects set to hit as of the new year. The agenda as it stands now, just before we move into 2010:

  • build consensus for a time bank in the local pagan community
  • initiate first discussions about the potential uses and benefits of incorporating a pagan church in the community. I think a Grove Temple to serve as an umbrella for the local Circles and Solitaries would be good, but we shall see how the discussions go.
  • I have volunteered for the Steering Committee of the local Transition group, which should be interesting. It is not 100% core to my values, but is close enough to be worth pursuing and see how it works out. I am concerned that the Transition movement is too focused on evangelizing people to the cult of the Peak Oil Apocalypse when really the solutions that come out of the Transition process are all win-wins that should be easy to sell, but it may just be a generational bias on my part.
  • Help plan our pagan wedding this May
  • Work on the whole baby-making process (I want a sign for the bedroom door: Making Babies, Do Not Disturb).
  • Move to and set up a new community household, this one being more baby focused/centered and probably a good bit more cooperative, especially regarding finances.
  • Continue to build my Energy Healing Practice
  • Continue in my Dark Moon Circle
  • Continue to hold celebrations of the Full Moons
  • Continue to make space for my physical healing
POSSIBILITIES (given time, space, spoons, and inspiration)
  • Revive Red Tent events/Pleasure work
  • Co-teach the updated Cakes for the Queen of Heaven Curriculum
  • Co-Host and plan Open Space Event/Crossroads Gathering
I think that is enough, honestly. Feels like a lot. It also feels like not enough, but I am highly prone to overambition. I can admit this.

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